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Zlati panj (Golden Beehive) Acacia Chunk Honey

A marvellous combination of tender acacia flavour and incredible geometry of honeycombs.

Blagovna znamka: Medex
Intended use: Immunity
Product shape: honey
Product packaging: 450 g jar
The product can be bought only in physical stores.

Honey stored in honeycombs is the most naturally “packed” honey. The perfect hexagons of honeycombs are a construction masterpiece made by a bee family, and along with honey, of essential importance for their survival. Honeycombs are made of beeswax and serve as a storage room for honey supplies for the winter. The honeycomb geometry is a perfect solution for the strongest and at the same time the smallest surface area that has the largest capacity for storing honey.

At Medex, we pack full honeycombs in the jar and add the Zlati panj acacia honey – the first Slovenian honey with the Red Swallow national quality mark – a symbol of higher quality.

The highest quality is ensured and maintained through additional manufacturing control and control of the product on the shelves that are exercised by an independent certification body approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment. Water and HMF content are the two key properties to evaluate honey quality; the Zlati panj acacia honey meets the requirement of less than 18 % water content, and less than 15 mg HMF per 1 kg honey.

Honeycombs full of honey are intended for chewing, and are a premium culinary treat. Stored in amphoras, the Zlati panj acacia chunk honey is a beautiful present for any occasion.

We recommend chewing full honeycombs. Chew until the wax turns white, and then throw away.

Natural honey slowly crystallises, but heating it up to 40 °C liquifies it again and keeps all its natural properties and substances.

Store in a dark place with temperature below 25 °C.

Raw acacia honey of Slovenian origin with honeycombs.


Honey is a natural sweet gift, given to us by bees that make it from flower nectar (floral honey) or from insect secretions that remain on trees as sticky liquid (honeydew honey). Floral honey types are wildflower honey, acacia honey, chestnut honey, lime honey, and canola honey; honeydew honey types are forest honey, fir honey, maple honey, oak honey, and spruce honey. Bees process nectar or honeydew, enrich it with their gland secretions, and store it in the beehive to ripen. Honey is the source of solar energy and life fuel in the beehive. It contains valuable nutrients, and is a rich nourishment and cosmetic substance.


Beeswax is made by honey bees and used as construction material for honeycombs. Worker bees store honey and pollen in the honeycombs. Bees also use beeswax to cap full honeycomb cells, and thus prevent honey from external conditions. People use beeswax for different purposes; due to a very convenient structure of honeycombs, chewing is definitely one of them.