Our honey is tested, safe and controlled quality.

In Medex, we analyze all incoming raw ingredients on the parameters of safety and quality, as their control ensures the safety of finished products. With the desire to provide the widest possible public with a transparent way of proof of the quality of our honey, we decided to further analyze the safety of finished products. These include risk factors that are specific to a particular area or region. With them, each consumer can check what kind of honey is in our honey jar.

The verify honey service provides an insight into the analysis of all Medex honey of 100% of Slovenian origin in from 2015 on and the database regularly updated with the analytical lists of all Medex brand honey. The use of the service is simple and convenient: you can only review the analysis using the LOT serial number (L: XXXXXX), which is located on the honey jar cover. In the case of the correct number, a link to the honey analysis document will be displayed.

Enter the LOT serial number from your Medex honey jar and be sure.