The mysterious power of 100% natural propolis

Propolis is the defender of the beehive and of our immune system! It is the most popular bee product, second only to honey, and Slovenians have been using it in traditional folk medicine as a so called “natural antibiotic”. Propolis is made from plant resins rich with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory substances. Due to its properties it is regarded as a true healing miracle of nature.

Have you ever asked yourselves what is propolis, how to correctly obtain it and use it? We provide answers backed by clinical studies and the strongest propolis in Slovenia.

What is propolis?

Everything starts by collecting plant resin. Bees find it on buds of poplar, birch and other tree species. Bees bring plant resin into the beehive, further enrich it with secretions from their glands and add wax. Bees produce propolis so that beekeepers can then scrape it. When propolis is ready to be scraped, it contains plant resins, wax, essential oils and pollen. Propolis is a mixture which contains over 200 substances that are beneficial for humans, and its quality is determined by the content of bioflavonoids.
Čebele, čudežne pridelovalke propolisa

Origin of healing power

The power of propolis originates from its key component: bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are natural colourants that protect plants against microorganisms. Bees make good use of this power to protect the beehive. They use propolis to coat the internal walls of the beehive, thereby preventing moisture to penetrate and protecting the interior against external microbes, which are the source of infections and diseases. Propolis in the beehive also evaporates, thus creating a natural protection that enables a healthy development and life of bee families.

Slovenians use propolis to protect the oral cavity and mucosa with the same purpose as bees. We use it in the form of alcohol-based tincture or aqueous solution. In recent clinical studies scientists have proven that bioflavonoids have positive effects on various parts of the human organism: gastrointestinal tract7, immune system1, mucosa2-5 and teeth6.
Citat - Medexovi apiterapevti
Apitherapist and beekeeper Franc Šivic about propolis:
Propolis is proven to be effective against various microbes. This is why I recommend it to all my protégés who have issues with resistance. And particularly to those whose issues stem from the oral mucosa. I have great trust in bee products and regularly use them myself.

Propolis, indispensable in every medicine cabinet

Slovenians have a very special place for propolis in our medicine cabinets. It is present in almost every household. Scientists1-7 have proven that the reasons for this are well-grounded. The mysterious power of propolis is no longer merely a folk traditional, but a food supplement with very beneficial effects.

Propolis it shortens and alleviates the symptoms of sore throat and pharynx and hoarseness1
Propolis it protects the oral mucosa against ulcers and inflammation
of the oral cavity2
Propolis - preventivo proti kariesu in parodontoziit alleviates gum inflammation and reduces the likelihood of caries formation3-5
Propolis - krepitev imunskega sistemait increases the anti-inflammatory cell response and stimulates immune cells
Propolis - zaščita sluznice prebavnega traktait protects the mucosa and against inflammations and ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract7

Is every propolis equally effective?

In short: not every propolis is equally effective. There is a simple reason for this. Propolis is composed of over 200 different chemical compounds which vary from season to season, location of gathering or bee foraging, bee type and similar. Therefore not every collected propolis has the same quantities of bioflavonoids that give it its healing power. Labels “contains 20% of propolis” are deceiving and do not reflect quality. Scraped propolis also contains wood particles and other foreign components that need to be removed beforehand. Purified propolis is then ready for making tinctures, solutions and sprays. The quality of propolis is reflected in: the concentration of bioflavonoids, variety of flavonoids and purification technique. The APF® factor ensures these three standards.
Propolis - 100% naravna moč iz čebeljega panja  
Citat - Medexovi apiterapevti
Mrs. Mramor, a 90-year-old woman, told us the following:
At 90 I still have my teeth due to regularly taking propolis. My friends are incredulous. Many suffer from periodontitis, but my teeth are healthy. It is not a secret that I have been applying propolis on my gums for several decades now. My teeth have not yellowed a bit.

The APF® factor is important

Propolis, labelled with the APF® factor, contains an appropriate and efficient concentration of bioflavonoids in the product. Daily doses were accurately determined in clinical studies1-7:
APF faktor 30 za kakovosten propolisWe guarantee that a minimum of 30 mg of bioflavonoids is contained in one milliliter of solution.
APF faktor 50 za kakovosten propolisWe guarantee that a minimum of 50 mg of bioflavonoids is contained in one milliliter of solution.

Studies have confirmed an anti-inflammatory effect

What does standardisation have to do with the effect of propolis? Standardisation enables the accurate determination of daily doses, which were recently confirmed by a clinical study,1 exactly on the extract used in water-based Propolis defense solutions. The placebo-controlled research confirmed, for the first time, the until now alleged medicinal effect of propolis in the case of relieving the symptoms of infections of the upper respiratory tract.
* p<0.05, *** p<0.001
Source: Based on Esposito et al., 20211

The clinical study proves that a daily application of 12-24 mg of flavonoids from standardised propolis into the oral cavity using a spray significantly shortens the duration of the symptoms, such as pharynx pain, hoarseness and pharynx swelling. Over 80% of people who used a spray did not have any symptoms after three day of use, whereas most people who took the placebo, still had the symptoms. The duration of the symptoms in the group using propolis shortened by two days. This is a significant and welcome contribution to a faster recovery in cases of infections of the upper respiratory tract.
*** p<0.001
Source: Based on Esposito et al., 20211


The strongest Propolis defense

The Propolis defense line is suitable for preventive action as well as support in acute conditions.
Propolis defense na vodni osnovi, APF® 30, s pipeto
Water-based propolis, APF® 30, with dropper
- 30 mgl/ml of bioflavonoids
- no alcohol, polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol
- also suitable for pregnant women, breast-feeding mothers and children.
- 100% natural, no preservatives

Propolis defense na alkoholni osnovi, APF® 50, s pipeto
Alcohol-based propolis, APF® 50, with dropper
- 50 mgl/ml of bioflavonoids
- strongest propolis in Slovenija
- no preservatives
- 100% natural  

Propolis defense na alkoholni osnovi, APF® 30, pršilo
Alcohol-based propolis, APF® 30, spray
- 30 mgl/ml of bioflavonoids
- strongest propolis in Slovenija
- no preservatives
- 100% natural   


Do you want to learn more? Ask us!

Medex selects the ingredients for its products on the basis of verifiable results and repeatable clinical studies. We strive toward transparency of the used active substances and we are therefore always available for further questions. We invite you to pose a question which will be answered by, Dr. Rok Kopinč, Head of Development at Medex. Write us to . We will do our best to reply in the shortest time possible.



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