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Do you know the mystery of bees, which has been helping to preserve the species for 45 million years? Of course, we are talking about propolis! Read Simon's tips and tricks for propolis use.
Do you know bee resin? What if I tell you the substance is dark, produced by the bees and we know it in conjunction with many positive effects on our well-being. Of course, we are talking about propolis! It's been known for millennia.

Here are some examples of how I use propolis in my life. I am not a doctor so these are not health advice and recommendations, but my personal experience with propolis. And maybe you will find them useful.
What is propolis?

It's the bee's harvest, a variety of resins, particles. When the bees process it, propolis is formed. The bees use it to protect against mold, moisture, parasites, etc. Propolis is the best when it is produced in pure nature. So buy quality instead of saving money and buying cheap products.

Did someone catch a cold?

It has been said that propolis is effective in the battle against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and promotes wound healing. For me, it is often useful when people around me start to catch a cold. During that time of the year I include it in my daily routine as a preventive measure. I switch to intense propolis usage every time my nose and throat start to tickle me.


Because of its properties, propolis is also a great choice for disinfection. Do you know the feeling (and the sound that follows) when a child falls from his bike? Well, that. I disinfect the wound with propolis and at the same time it creates some kind of protective layer on the surface of the wound. I also use it on myself, usually when I cut myself while cooking. Yes, even the most careful cooks get cut here and there.

Inflammation and burns

Burns are annoying. Even though you act immediately and use salt and cold water, a burning sensation remains. I spray propolis onto a surface of the burn. Of course, only onto innocent small burns, otherwise I suggest a visit to the doctor. I perform the same routine with skin inflammations, even pimples and herpes. I confess, I have also tried it with inflamed gums but these applications were relatively small, so I do not dare say that it made it any better. But it hasn't made it worse either.


Propolis is highly thermostable. Its composition is stable at high and low temperatures. In practice, I use it as drops or spray. For children it's nice to find water-bassed propolis.


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