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Protein Bar With Chocolate, Honey and Orange

Proteins have a major role in live cells. They contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and to the maintenance of muscle mass. Did you know you can enjoy proteins also in the form of a tasty bar?

Blagovna znamka: Medex
Intended use: Regeneration , Snack
Product shape: bar
Product packaging: 45 g bar
1,75 EUR

This little indulgence in the form of a protein bar helps us build and shape our body and our everyday life. At Medex, we have developed a protein bar with a chocolate, honey and orange flavour, and with 36 % protein. A fast, tasty and natural source of proteins for everyone ingesting too few proteins.

Proteins are essential for our body, so make sure to always keep them handy. Medex protein bar is a wonderful companion with every step you take. The harmony of tastes – orange, chocolate and honey – will indulge your taste buds and offer your body a source of protein.

Protein bars are recommended to all who do not ingest enough protein, after exercise or other high-intensity workout. It is also perfect on the go, or at work as lunch or a snack.

We recommend you drink enough liquid, at best 2 to 3 litres of water daily.

Ingesting a large amount of protein bars may have a laxative effect. It is important to have a well-balanced and diverse diet, and healthy lifestyle.

Store in a dark, dry place with temperature between 15 and 22 °C.

20 % chocolate with sweetener (cocoa mass, sweetener: maltitol, cocoa butter, milk fat, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vanilla), hydrolysed gelatine, soy proteins, hydrolysed milk proteins, oligo fructose, milk proteins, humectant: glycerol, glucose syrup, soy oil, 1.3 % honey, flavours, low-fat cocoa powder, cream powder (contains milk), skim milk powder, 1% candied orange peel (orange peel, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, acidity regulator: citric acid), emulsifier: soy lecithin, sunflower oil, colouring: beta-carotene.

May contain tracks of cereals containing gluten, as well as tracks of eggs, nuts, peanuts, sesame, and lupin.

Nutritional value* Per 100 g Per 45 g serving
Energy value 1415 kJ/338 kcal 636 kJ/152 kcal
Fat 10,7 g 4,8 g
saturated fatty acids 5,8 g 2,6 g
Carbohydrates: 26,9 g 12,1 g
sugar 5,1 g 2,3 g
polyols 17,1 g 7,7 g
Dietary fibre 8,4 g 3,8 g
Proteins 36 g 16,2 g
Salt 0,76 g 0,34 g


Proteins contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and to the maintenance of muscle mass.