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Propolis Defense, water-based propolis, APF® 30, with dropper

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Water-based propolis, but with the strength of the classic alcohol-based propolis. To soothe sore throat and phayrnx, to protect the oral mucosa, teeth and gums and for all those who wish to strengthen their immune system and protect the gastrointestinal tract mucosa.

Does not stain teeth, does not contain alcohol and is also suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children from the age of 3 on. 100% natural, no preservatives, polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol. A single packing is sufficient for 20 days.

Blagovna znamka: Medex
Intended use: Respiratory tract and throat , Immunity , Digestion , Teeth
Product shape: solution
Product packaging: Solution, 30 ml. A single packing is sufficient for 20 days of regular use.
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Who is the water-based Propolis defense intended for?

The water-based Propolis defense does not contain alcohol, it is therefore recommended, in addition to the general population, also to teenagers, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, children from the age of 3 on.
  • To soothe sore throat and pharynx
  • To protect the oral mucosaagainst aphthae and inflammation of the oral cavity and gums.
  • As a preventive measure against caries and dental plaque.
  • To strengthen the immune system.
  • To protect the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract.



“Disinfect” and protect your throat and pharynx

Bees make propolis from natural resins, rich with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory substances. They use it to protect and disinfect the beehive, and is traditionally used by people to alleviate problems with inflamed throat and pharynx.

The latest clinical studies confirmed the effectiveness of propolis for this purpose. Regular application of propolis in the oral cavity shortens and alleviates symptoms, such as sore throat and pharynx and hoarseness1.

During the period of colds, when a more protective behaviour is necessary in order to avoid catching something, it is appropriate to take propolis also as a prevention, thus ensuring regular “disinfection” of the oral cavity.

For this purpose we recommend using the Propolis defense solution 3 drops 6-times per day directly into the oral cavity. Wet your mucosa well with the solution and do not have any drinks or food for at least half an hour after that, so as to enable propolis to take effect. For gurgling add 0.75 ml of the product to 20 ml of water twice a day and gurgle for half a minute. The solution may then be swallowed. Since it does not contain alcohol, it does not stain tooth enamel.

Having issues with aphthae?

Mouth ulcers or aphthae are small lesions that occasionally occur in the mouth and usually in soft parts of the oral mucosa. The cause is not completely understood; however, it is an inflammatory immune response that is most likely triggered by various factors, such as vitamin deficiency or malnutritiondamage to the oral mucosaallergiesdehydrationhormonal swings or certain substances in food. Aphthae are painful and therefore cause inconvenience when eating food, speaking or even swallowing. Usually they heal within 10 days, and they occur several times a year. Currently, there is no known remedy that would prevent their occurrence, and means of relieving symptoms are mainly used to treat them.

The water -based Propolis defense solution may be used for acute conditions as well as for preventive action in case of aphthae and inflammation of the oral mucosa. With its anti-inflammatory effect, propolis contributes to the reduction of the number and size of aphthae, helping them heal faster. At the same time, the frequency of their occurrence is also reduced2. Since it does not contain alcohol, it does not stain teeth and does not additionally irritate the mucosa.

Add 0.75 ml of the Propolis defense solution in approximately 20 ml of water for oral use twice a day, and rinse your mouth for half a minute. The solution may then be swallowed.    


With propolis against gum inflammation and caries

Gum inflammation is the consequence of dental plaque where harmful bacteria multiply, which may result in severe inflammation, such as periodontitis, if left untreated. Periodontitis is deep gum inflammation and causes the formation of so called periodontal pockets where bacteria multiply. Due to inflammation gums become damaged and recede from the tooth, and in severe cases teeth may also fall out. The condition may be prevented to a certain extent with proper oral hygiene.
For this reason we recommend regular oral use of propolis, since it has an antimicrobial effect on oral pathogens, which are tied to periodontitis, and at the same time alleviates inflammation and helps gums heal. With its antimicrobial effect, upon regular use, it alsoreduces the likelihood of caries forming3, 4, 5.

Wash your teeth with added propolis - we recommend using it twice a day by applying 2 drops of the Propolis defense solution on the toothpaste6. The product is water-based, you therefore  do not need to worry about your teeth getting stained.

Natural choice in strengthening the immune system

Propolis stimulates the immune system of bees themselves. If feeding on pollen, which is mixed with propolis, they secrete antimicrobial peptides fast upon contact with harmful microbes, giving them the ability to destroy them more quickly and efficiently. Propolis increases the anti-inflammatory cell response and stimulates immune cells that remove viruses and infected cells.

We recommend using 0.75 ml of the Propolis defense solution, twice a day. You may add it to tea or liquid of your choice and consume.

Protecting the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract

Our gastrointestinal tract is surrounded by mucosa, which is involved in processes of exchanging nutrients and at the same time protects us against substances that could be harmful to our body. Due to a stressful lifestyle, incorrect diet, repeated consumption of various irritating substances (alcohol, certain medicines, allergens, etc.) or as a consequence of bacterial infection, the mucosa may get thinner and damaged to the extent that more vulnerable, deeper layers of the gastrointestinal tract become exposed. This may lead to ulcers or lesions that inflame and cause pain, bleeding and poor function of the gastrointestinal tract.  

With its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effect, propolis may contribute to the protecting the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, we therefore recommend the water-based Propolis defense solution also in such cases7. We recommend using 0.75 ml of the Propolis defense solution, twice a day. Add it to tea or liquid of your choice and consume 30 minutes before a meal.


Why choose the water-based Propolis defense solution by Medex?

  • It is the strongest water-based propolis on the market, with triple standardisation, containing 30 mg of flavonoids per milliliter.
  • Because it does not irritate the mucosa.
  • Because it does not stain tooth enamel.
  • Because its excellent taste conceals the bitterness of propolis.
  • Because it is standardised with the APF® factor (Active Propolis Flavonoids), specifying the concentration of flavonoids in a product.
  • Because it ensures high quality and repeatable product effect.
  • Because it is 100% natural and preservative-free.
  • Because it has no polyethylene glycol and no propylene glycol.

What is propolis?

Propolis or bee glue is a bee product that is necessary in order to keep the beehive healthy. It contains a mixture of natural resins gathered by bees on tree buds, enriched by secretions from their glands with the addition of beeswax. The sticky mixture is needed for repairing the honeycombs and coating the internal walls of the beehive, thereby preventing moisture and wind from penetrating and protecting the beehive against microbes. Bees also use it to embalm larger intruders that cannot be otherwise disposed of. In this way they prevent their decomposition and protect themselves against infections and diseases. Propolis in the beehive also evaporates, thus creating a natural protection that enables a healthy development and life of bee families.

Propolis is the best known bee product right after honey, and is widely used in traditional folk medicine. The power of propolis comes from its rich composition, which includes natural resin, wax, essential oils and pollen. Its most important components are bioflavonoids - natural substances that protect plants against microorganisms.

Bioflavonoid content is exactly what determines the quality of propolis, for this reason Medex has standardised its value in products, therefore ensuring its consistent quality.




Why is Propolis defense the strongest propolis on the market? 

The Propolis defense line boasts the highest concentration of propolis bioflavonoids.

APF = Active Propolis Flavonoids

Active Propolis Flavonoids is a standardised scheme developed by Medex and implemented in our own laboratories with recognised analysis methods. It enables us to maintain an unchanged concentration of propolis flavonoids in the product, regardless of the batch and fluctuations in natural components. The strength and quality of products in the Propolis defense line is standardised with the APF® factor (Active Propolis Flavonoids), which specifies the flavonoid concentration in a products, and daily doses are adjusted to findings of clinical studies.

The product has triple standardisation, which means that the raw material itself was standardised twice, followed by an additional standardisation of the end product.

APF® 30 therefore means, for example, that the flavonoid concentration in a product is a minimum of 30 mg/ml, with which the high quality and repeatable effect of our products may be guaranteed.



How to use the water-based Propolis defense solution?

Since it is a 100 % natural product, sediments or deposits may occur, or deviations may occur in the appearance, which does not in any way affect the product's quality. Shake well before each use. Then open the bottle, squeeze the dropper, wait a few seconds for it to fill up and then dose. Stir the product with the dropper before first use.


The water-based Propolis defense solution is suitable for preventive action as well as acute conditions and may be taken continuously.
  • The recommended daily dose for adults and teenagers (+12) is 0.75 ml, twice a day. For children aged 3 to 12 dose 8 drops, twice a day. Dose it in your preferred liquid or pour it on a spoonful of honey and consume.
  • For oral cavity hygiene use add 0.75 ml of propolis solution twice a day in approximately 20 ml of water (or 8 drops twice a day for children aged 3 to 12), rinse your mouth for half a minute, the solution may then be swallowed.
  • The solution may also be used in combination with a toothpaste by applying 1-2 drops of the solution.
  • If you have issues with your throat and pharynx apply 3 drops 6-times a day directly into the oral cavity2 drops 5-times a day for children aged 3 to 12. Wet your mucosa well with the solution and do not have any drinks or food for at least half an hour after that, so as to enable propolis to take effect.


Why is propolis packed in a glass packaging?

Natural products belong to a natural packaging, this is why Medex fills bee products into glass packaging. 

Glass offers better protection to the product against external influences, since it is not permeable to gas and therefore preserves the taste and smell of the product for a longer period of time than most plastic packaging. At the same time, glass enables better preservation of the antioxidant activity of natural components in the product for a longer shelf life. 


In case of further questions: write to or contact us via Facebook and Instagram. Our team is here to help.
Manufacturer: Medex d.o.o., Linhartova 49a, 1000 Ljubljana


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Recommended daily dose: 
The recommended daily dose for adults and young people (+12) is 0.75 ml, 2-times a day. Dose it in your preferred liquid or pour it on a spoonful of honey and consume. Add 0.75 ml of propolis solution in approximately 20 ml of water for oral use 2-times a day, rinse your mouth for half a minute and then you may swallow.

Instructions for use: 
Shake well before use.

  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
  • Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.
  • Food supplements are not a substitute for a well-balanced and diverse diet.
  • It is important to follow the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Keep out of reach of children!
  • Store in a dark, dry place with temperature below 25°C.
Emulsifier: vegetable glycerine, liquid propolis extract (purified propolis, water, fructose, maltodextrin, sucrose, gum arabic, natural colourant: caramel), purified water.

Content In a daily dose (1.5 ml)
Propolis flavonoids 45 mg