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Propolis C + Zn

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Propolis, vitamin C and zinc effervescent tablets for the immune support.

Blagovna znamka: Medex
Product shape: effervescent tablets
Intended use: Hidration , Immunity
Product packaging: 2 x 10 effervescent tablets; net quantity: 80 g
8,99 EUR
Propolis C + Zn are effervescent tablets ready for a quick and easily prepared tasty drink. With it you will quench the thirst and provide the body with the nutrients it needs for the normal functioning of the immune system: the daily recommended amount of zinc and a 625% recommended daily dose of vitamin C. The effervescent tablets are sweetened with stevia and with a small amount of sugar contained in the extract of propolis. For a pleasant flavor, the orange aroma is added, while the sunny yellow color derives from the naturally sourced carotene.
The recommended daily dose is one tablet dissolved in 2 dl of water.]
Acidifying agents (citric acid, sodium hydrogencarbonate), vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), bulking agent (sorbitol), propolis extract (stabilizer: gum arabic, sugar, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide), flavour, sweetener (steviol glycoside), zinc sulfate, colouring agent (carotene).
Vitamins and minerals Per one effervescent tablet (4 g) % NRV*
Per one effervescent tablet (4 g)
Vitamin C 500 mg 625
Zinc 10 mg 100
Propolis (extract with min. 25 % of polyphenols) 100
*NRV = nutrient reference value

Vitamin C and zinc contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Propolis, or sealant, is a bee product necessary to maintain the health of the hive. It contains a number of different plant resins that bees gather from the buds and sprouts of trees; they then enrich it with excretions from their glands and add wax to it. This sticky mixture is used to repair the honeycomb, to cover the inside of the hive to keep out moisture and wind, and to protect the hive from germs. It is also used to embalm large intruders that cannot be removed. In this way, bees prevent foreign bodies from decomposing and they protect themselves against infections and disease. Through evaporation in the beehive, propolis provides natural protection for the healthy development and life of bee communities. The main substances in propolis are bioflavonoids, which are natural plant pigments that protect plants against microorganisms. The quality of propolis depends on the bioflavonoid content, which is why Medex has standardised its content in its products, thereby ensuring consistent product quality.