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Bio Orange Biscuits, Organic Whole-grain, 150g

Whole-grain biscuits made from refreshing oranges have been for years a choice for everyone who wants to enjoy healthy sweets with natural ingredients.

Blagovna znamka: Medex
Product shape: biscuits
Product packaging: 150 g box (8 x 2 biscuits individually packed)
3,07 EUR
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Bio organic whole-grain orange biscuits are made from carefully chosen high quality ingredients from controlled organic production and processing. The secret of their full taste lies in natural ingredients and in original combination of whole-grain wheat flour and orange. They are sweetened with apple juice and do not contain additional preservatives, flavouring, or colouring.

Bio organic whole-grain orange biscuits are a healthy and delicious product, which taste perfect as they are. But you can eat them with coffee, tea and other beverages. You can also use them as a pie or cake crust.

Individually packed (2 biscuits in a packages), Bio biscuits will become your companion at work, school, on trips and journeys, during sport activities, and for lunch or snack, because they will provide additional power and energy for numerous everyday activities.

Whole wheat flour (61 %)*, plant fat* (sunflower oil*, coconut oil*), apple concentrate* (14 %), 7 % candied orange peel*, wheat syrup*, raising agent: (sodium hydrogen carbonate).

*Organic production / EU/Non-EU agriculture.
Controlled by Certisys BE-BIO-01.

Without preservatives, flavouring, or artificial colouring.

May contain eggs, milk, sesame, soy and nuts.

Nutritional value Per 100 g Per packaging (2 biscuits, 18,8 g)
Energy value 1861 kJ/445 kcal 326 kJ/78 kcal (3,9 % GDA*)
Fat 16,6 g 3 g (4,3 % GDA*)
saturated fatty acids 3,6 g 0,6 g (3 % GDA*)
Carbohydrates 63,5 g 11 g (4,2 % GDA*)
sugar 21,7 g 4 g (4,4 % GDA*)
Dietary fibres 7,7 g 1,4 g
Protein 8,1 g 1,4 g (2,8 % GDA*)
Sodium 0,1 g 0,02 g (0,3 % GDA*)

*of guideline daily amount for adults (GDA), based on the average caloric intake of (8400 kJ/2000 kcal) per day.