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Slovenian equipment for African bees in Ghana

Date :17.12.2021

Slovenian equipment for African bees in Ghana

  A truly special festive consignment is on its way to Africa as part of the Beekeeping development in Ghana project. We have sent laboratory and beekeeping equipment to Ghana, which also consists of special hand-made beehives, specifically adapted for the African bee. Slovenian beekeeping is thus expanding globally and is helping to improve life in Africa.
The sustainable project of developing beekeeping in Ghana has entered its second stage. The first stage involved fieldwork in Ghana and visiting and training Ghanaian beekeepers in Slovenia. In the second stage, three educational centres in Ghana will continue to be developed. The educational centres primarily need appropriate beehives and beekeeping equipment for work with the African bee Apis Mellifera Adansonii.

Three new types of beehives have been designed

Mitja Smrdel, beekeeping instructor and manager of the project’s technical team, has realised during fieldwork that African bee families need different beehives than those of Slovenian bees. He therefore designed three new types of beehives suitable for conditions in Ghana. As Mitja Smrdel said, the consignment also contains the rest of the beekeeping and laboratory equipment, such as: “hive chisels, equipment for queen bee breeding, smokers, hive scales for monitoring yield, one of which also contains a weather station and a microscope.” In 2021, he had the opportunity to examine Ghanaian field conditions and to train beekeepers Elvis and Makafu.  

We believe in good results

Aleša Mižigoj has expressed her delight that the project is entering its second stage after visiting Ghanaian beekeepers this summer. “In January, we are travelling again to Ghana, where the honey season is at its peak. We are therefore going to send part of the equipment by plane so that the African bees are able to settle in special beehives designed in Slovenia, which are specifically adapted for them, already upon our arrival. A shipment of beehive-making machinery is also on its way in order to pass as much knowledge as possible to beekeepers in Ghana. In this manner, we will be able to continue training beekeepers for work with their bees and our technology; that is why we believe in good results.”
Aleša Mižigoj and Mitja Smrdel about the Ghana project

The development of beekeeping will create new jobs

The main objectives of the project, implemented under the auspices of the largest development bank in Ghana – EXIM, are to develop beekeeping, increase pollination and crop yield, honey production and to create new jobs for the rural population of Ghana with a particular focus on employing women.

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