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MSM + beauty minerals

MSM + beauty minerals is an excellent choice if you wish to maintain the youthful appearance of your skin and benefit from beautiful nails and hair while avoiding collagen and other food supplements of animal origin.

Blagovna znamka: Medex
Intended use: Skin , Hair , Nails
Product shape: powder
18,99 EUR

Vegan solution for nice skin, hair and nails

MSM + beauty minerals is an excellent choice if you wish to maintain the youthful appearance of your skin and benefit from healthy, beautiful nails and hair while avoiding collagen and other food supplements of animal origin.
MSM, also called the “beauty mineral”, is actually an organic source of sulfur (methyl sulfonyl methane). Despite being the third most common mineral in the human body, sulfur is usually something that we cannot get enough of in our diet. The MSM + beauty minerals food supplement from Medex contains a patented form of OptiMSM®, the purest MSM on the market, and a host of other key beauty minerals - selenium, zinc, copper and silicon, as well as vitamin C.

MSM with beauty minerals and vitamin C from Medex is perfect for you if you:

  • wish to use a 100% vegan product without gluten, fillers, artificial flavors and sweeteners in order to improve the firmness, elasticity and hydration properties of your skin
  • are bothered by deep face wrinkles
  • wish to remedy uneven skin discoloration and inconvenient spots
  • are tired of fragile, brittle nails and wish to accentuate your hands with strong, beautiful nails
  • wish you could fix your thin, brittle hair with split ends and finally have them shine so you could shape them into the haircut of your dreams

Perfect combination with clinically confirmed ingredients and ANTI-AGE effect

  • The patented OptiMSM® which is the purest form of MSM on the market is a high-quality, purified and bioavailable organic form of sulfur, obtained through a special technological distillation process. It is clinically proven to contribute to reducing wrinkles and improving the firmness, elasticity and hydration properties of the skin.
  • Vitamin C has an active role in the production of collagen for normal skin function.
  • Selenium and zinc contribute to maintaining healthy nails and hair and have a role in protecting cells from oxidative stress.
  • Zinc contributes to maintaining a healthy skin.
  • Copper contributes to maintaining normal connective tissue and normal skin and hair coloration.
Organic form of silicon ensures a healthy skin, cartilage, bones and connective tissues. It also plays a role in numerous biochemical reactions, particularly in the normal formation of collagen, elastin and connective tissue

There is no such thing as a natural MSM in food supplements

Some manufacturers and vendors claim that their food supplements contain natural MSM. This is simply not true. While trace amounts of MSM can, indeed, be found in certain vegetables such as onions, garlic and brassicas, as well as foodstuffs rich in protein such as milk, eggs, seeds and nuts, the quantity of methyl sulfonyl methane in natural sources is too small to be able to extract it from said sources for dietary purposes, which is why it is synthetically obtained from laboratories.
Natural sources of MSM namely contain concentrations of less than 1 µg/kg. If MSM were obtained from natural resources using the process of extraction, no less than 200 tonnes of material would be necessary to obtain 200 g of MSM! Since the MSM molecule formation process is clear, a compound identical to the one found in nature can be created chemically. MSM packaging therefore often contains claims that it has been obtained naturally, even though it has, in fact, been obtained through a synthetic process.

MSM obtained through the distillation process is the only safe and good choice

All MSM available on the market have not been obtained in the same way. The quantity of harmful substances contained in MSM or the quality level of the food supplement namely depends on the compound purification process.
Unlike the majority of other food supplements containing MSM on the market, the OptiMSM® contained in the MSM + beauty minerals food supplement by Medex is obtained through the distillation process and not through the crystallization process. Even though the crystallization process is cheaper, the MSM obtained through said process can contain heavy metals which can have negative consequences on our health. This is why OptiMSM® is the only safe and good choice for you.

The purest MSM, verified to contain no noxious substances

The high-quality purified OptiMSM® manufacturing process takes place in an American facility where only MSM is being manufactured. The manufacturing process contains multilevel purification through distillation and laboratory analyses which help us to additionally verify the purity of each of the series of the product.

Dissolve it in your favorite drink

Dissolve the recommended daily dose (one teaspoon or 3.2 g) in 1.5 deciliters of liquid. Even though it is slightly bitter, you will be able to offset the bitterness of the powder by diluting it in freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice or smoothie. Alternatively, you can also add a spoonful of honey.
The recommended daily dose is 1 tea spoon (3.2 g). Dissolve it in 150
ml of water and consume it during a meal. Reduce the bitter taste by
mixing it with another beverage of your choice. At least 16 weeks of
regular use is recommended for visible effects
Powdered OptiMSM® (methyl sulphonyl methane),
vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), zinc gluconate, bamboo
extract (Bambusa vulgaris – natural source of silicon),
L-selenomethionine, copper gluconate, citric acid,
natural flavouring, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide.