Get your immune system ready to win!
“Victories are created before the season!” was heard at the meeting with the Slovenian alpine ski team. And this does not apply only to our successful alpine skiers, but also to each and everyone of us.  Do you have a strengthened immune system that is ready for the winter season?
Pripravite imunski sistem na zmage! Slovenska alpska smučarska reprezentanca

Do you have a strong immune system?

Do you know how to recognise if you have a strong immune system? You will probably use one of the following in your answer: “feeling good”, “full of energy”, “no colds”, “fast recovery”, “good health”. And you would be right! However, since a strong immune system means absence of illnesses, it is sometimes very hard to find a concrete answer.  When you feel good, you probably don’t think of the cold, do you?

We most frequently start thinking about the immune system when we notice that we are slowly growing weaker, when we are fatigued and do not have any energy left for everyday chores, when we use the first paper tissue... And it is exactly then that we realise that we are coming down with something and that it is time to use additional vitamins.


Pripravite imunski sistem na zmage! Slovenska alpska smučarska reprezentanca

An immune system ready to win

When we are coming down with something, it is oftentimes too late. In order for the immune system to tackle all the challenges, it needs to be prepared in advance. We often think of the virus and cold season as a competitive season for our immune system.

Alpine skiers also dedicate most of the year in order to prepare for the competitive season. The competitive season lasts from October to March, and preparations usually start already early in the summer. Athletes take care of their bodies with a suitable diet, strength and conditioning exercises and with predetermined rest intervals. The regular part of the diet, however, also consists of efficient food supplements.

We can learn a lot from our top skiers. Our immune system is also entering the competitive season in autumn and we have to get it ready so it is able to win every race.


4 elements of a good preparation

Zdrava prehrana - imunski sistem pripravljen na zmage

As part of the first element of good preparation we need follow the basic recommendations for a healthy, varied and balanced diet, taking into consideration the nutrition requirements of active adults who are recreationally engaged in at least one sport.

The key is always in moderation. Generally, it is recommended to consume the following: locally produced fresh fruit and vegetables, food from wholegrain cereals and cereal products, 400 to 600 ml of recommended quantity of milk and dairy products. Avoid: salty food, sugar, food of animal origin, particularly saturated fat and alcohol.
What can you expect?
With this in mind, we will help you with concrete healthy recipes which you may introduce in your everyday routine: in the mourning, afternoon or evening. It is important, however, that you take time for food and that you do not have any disruptive influences.

Telovadba - imunski sistem pripravljen na zmage
A study conducted by the Slovenian National Insitute of Public Health (NIJZ) has shown that with their physical activity only 21.7% of Slovenians meet the generally accepted guidelines of the World Health Organisation.

The WHO prescribes that every adult between 18 and 64 years of age should:
- dedicate 150-300 minutes to moderate aerobic physical activity or 75-150 minutes of intense aerobic physical activity on a weekly basis
- also include strength exercises two days a week, which involve all muscle groups.
What can you expect?
The WHO believes that strength and conditioning exercises bring additional health benefits.  For this reason, the programme for preparing the immune system will also include concrete suggestions for weekly exercises that you may perform at home or in a gym of your choice.
Počitek - imunski sistem pripravljen na zmage
You have probably heard that we spend a third of our lives sleeping.  The WHO estimates that adults dedicate a minimum of 7 hours a day to sleeping. Sleeping and a quality rest are of essential importance for general health and well being. Our lifestyles and environmental factors often make this harder.
What can you expect?
But don’t worry! Since a well prepared immune system is a rested immune system, our programme will also include time for resting. And this will not only consist of sleeping, but also of time for meditation and self-reflection.

Čebelji pridelki - imunski sistem pripravljen na zmage
Our lifestyles and environmental factors often prevent us from ensuring a sufficient daily intake of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. The requirement for certain vitamins and minerals also change with seasons.

The fact is that we are looking for increasingly more natural and sustainable constituents in our functional foods and supplements.  We also have to pay attention to the confirmed efficiency of active constituents that we consume; therefore choose only verified and trust-worthy manufacturers whose products’ efficiency is supported by clinical studies.
What can you expect?
As part of this year’s preparations we will also address the positive effects of apitherapy and of consuming food supplements from bee products.

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