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Imuno resist junior, phials, 10x9ml

Support the immune system of your child with food supplement based on natural extracts and no preservatives, colorings or artificial flavorings.

Blagovna znamka: Medex
Intended use: Respiratory tract and throat , Immunity
Product shape: solution
Product packaging: 10 bottles, 9 ml each, net quantity: 90 ml
The product can be bought only in physical stores.

Imuno resist junior is a food supplement with two natural and patented substances: larch extract ResistAid™ and beta-glucan Wellmune WGP™. The third pillar of power in Imuno resist junior is vitamin C, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Packed in handy bottles for direct use Imuno resist junior is your child’s natural ally when fighting a cold.

In a study called “Immunological measurement of in-vitro macrophage activation”, which included measurements of immune cells’ response to various substances and combinations of substances, showed that the combination of larch extract ResistAid™, beta-glucan Wellmune WGP™ and vitamin C proved extremely efficient. This places Imuno resist junior among the top products for children with the effect of easing the first signs of a cold.

Recommended daily allowance is 1-2 bottles half an hour before a meal. For the first three days, take two bottles per day, and for the following four days, take one bottle per day.

For one week of regular use: One package.

Individuals on immunosuppressant therapy should consult their physician prior to taking this product. Exceeding the recommended allowance may have a laxative effect. Individuals allergic to any substance should not take this product. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. Food supplements are not a substitute for a well-balanced and diverse diet. It is important to follow the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle.Keep the product away from children!

Store in a dark, dry place with temperature under 25 °C.

Agavel syrup* 34%, water, emulsifier: glycerol, arabinogalactan powder from larch (Larix species) – ResistAid™, beta-glucan powder from baker’s yeast – Wellmune WGP™, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), liquid propolis extract, purple carrot extract, antural flavours.*From certified organic agriculture.

No preservatives, colouring or artificial flavours.

Content At the recommended daily allowance % RDA* % RDA*
Per 1 bottle = 9 ml Per 2 bottles = 18 ml
Vitamin C 30 mg 37,5 60 mg 75
ResistAid hereof: arabinogalactan 1000 mg ; 850 mg 2000 mg ; 1700 mg
Wellmune WG thereof: beta-(1.3/1.6)-D-glucan 67 mg ; 50 mg 134 mg ; 100 mg

*RDA = recommended daily allowance

Arabinogalactan from larch – ResistAid™
Is obtained by a patented process of extracting European larch’s bark. ResistAid™ consists of a highly branched, soluble polysaccharide arabinogalactan and natural biologically active polyphenol bioflavonoids with antioxidative properties.

Beta - (1,3/1,6)-D-glukan – Wellmune WGP™
Is obtained from Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cell wall by a highly developed technological process where mannan and mannoproteins are efficiently removed. Therefore, the substance is scientifically proven to be non-allergenic. The scientific research included tests on individuals sensitive to yeast culture and their reaction to Wellmune WGP™. The candidates ingested the substance and had no reaction.