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Gelée royale super, phials, 10x9ml

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Do you have an active lifestyle and would like help in coping with numerous everyday activities? Gelée Royale Super royal jelly solution with vitamin D, is perfect for those who want to help their body follow the rhythm of life.

Blagovna znamka: Medex
Product shape: solution
Product packaging: 10 bottles, 9 ml each; net weight: 90 ml
19,99 EUR

Gelée Royale Super in handy bottles preserves a complex natural structure of royal jelly, and is easy to use. One bottle contains 500 mg of royal jelly without added vitamins; it has been developed to stay stable during storage at room temperature. The solution’s form improves the absorption in the body.

One advantage of the product is its controlled quality, achieved by a standardised quantity of unsaturated fatty acid 10 HDA (10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid) in the royal jelly. Royal jelly is unique for its content of 10 HDA, which can be found nowhere else in nature, and is a key standard for the quality of royal jelly.

Start the day with Gelée Royale Super and make unwanted consequences of everyday activities the matter of the past.

Recommended daily allowance is 1 bottle. Take it before breakfast, undiluted or with water. We recommend daily use for at least 3 months. There is a slight spicy taste and sediments in the bottle that are a result of the natural properties of ingredients. Shake before use!

For one month of regular use:
3 packages (one package suffices for 10 days of regular use).

Exceeding the recommended allowance may have a laxative effect. Individuals allergic to royal jelly should not take this product. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. Food supplements are not a substitute for a well-balanced and diverse diet. Keep the product away from children!

Store in a dark, dry place with temperature under 25 °C.

Water, emulsifier: sorbitol syrup, 5 % fresh royal jelly, citron essential oil, vitamin B2.

No preservatives, colouring and artificial flavouring.

Contains Per recommended daily allowance
(1 bottle= 9 ml = 10 g)
Royal Jelly 1000 mg
10 HDA 14 mg
Vitamin D 15 μg 300

*RDA = recommended daily allowance

Royal Jelly
Royal jelly or gelée royale is the most precious gift of the beehive. It is produced by young nurse bees that are five to twelve days old. It is fed to the queen bee, who is responsible for the survival of the species her entire life. The queen bee is a genetic equal of other bees. But feeding her exclusively royal jelly makes her grow twice the size of worker bees and outlive 15 generations of bees. It is the only sexually mature bee in the beehive. The queen bee is believed to be the most fertile living being, laying up to 3000 eggs per day, with the weight of the total eggs outweighing her. Royal jelly has been used already by pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, and they named it “the food of gods”. However, today we know its uniqueness is based on the unsaturated fatty acid 10 HDA (10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid), found exclusively in royal jelly. The quantity of 10 HDA is an important quality factor for royal jelly. Therefore in Medex, we have standardised the quantity of HDA and thus provided guaranteed quality.