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Forest Honey

Bees also collect treasures from the forest. Raw forest honey from Medex is one of them.

Brand name: Medex
Product shape: honey
Product packaging: 900 g jar
The product can be bought only in physical stores.

Raw forest honey from Medex is honey of proven quality and unites the best of what the forest has to offer. With forest honey, you will experience the aromatic blend of resin, walnuts, hazelnuts, herbs, caramel, and dried fruits. A special chemical structure makes it unlike other honey types, since it is a natural blend of floral and honeydew honey. It is rich in minerals and strengthens your immune system. It is recommended for people with anaemia or lung problems. It may be opaque, clear, or crystallised.

You can eat forest honey on its own with a spoon; it also tastes great with brown bread, dishes with ricotta, and it is an unforgettable ingredient in sauce and dressings.

Natural honey slowly crystallises, but heating it up to 40 °C liquifies it again and keeps all its natural properties and substances.

Store in a dark place with temperature below 25 °C.

Raw forest honey.

Honey is a natural sweet gift, given to us by bees that make it from flower nectar (floral honey) or from insect secretions that remain on trees as sticky liquid (honeydew honey). Floral honey types are wildflower honey, acacia honey, chestnut honey, lime honey, and canola honey; honeydew honey types are forest honey, fir honey, maple honey, oak honey, and spruce honey. Bees process nectar or honeydew, enrich it with their gland secretions, and store it in the beehive to ripen. Honey is the source of solar energy and life fuel in the beehive. It contains valuable nutrients, and is a rich nourishment and cosmetic substance.