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Diethon, blend with honey, 450 g

You do not have to keep a honey-free diet anymore! Use Diethon - fructose and sweetener with honey.

Blagovna znamka: Medex
Product shape: blend with honey
Product packaging: 450 g jar
8,99 EUR

Diethon is a rich and delicious blend of fructose, sweetener and honey, and is along Apikompleks, Apisirup and Propolis one of the long-established traditional Medex products. More than 30 years ago, it has been developed especially for those who have to restrict the intake of honey in their diet. It allows you to eat a smaller amount of honey, and not completely give up the pleasure of its taste.

Diethon with natural sugars from honey and with fructose will make an impression with its smooth texture and mild taste. It is perfect for breakfast or any other meal; take it as it is or as a bread spread, as addition to yogurt, smoothie or any other beverage.

Diethon can be used in numerous ways; it is especially tasty as bread spread, use it for baking or to sweeten fruit salads and beverages. You can mix it with yogurt, ricotta or flakes, or dissolve it in warm water, milk or tea. When preparing drinks, be careful not to put honey in too hot drink, since its most important substances lose their healing properties at high temperatures.

Ingesting large amounts of sorbitol may have a laxative effect.

Sweetener: 50 % sorbitol syrup, 36 % fructose, 13 % honey.

100 g product contains:
Energy value 1825 kJ/429,3 kcal
Proteins 0,05 g
Carbohydrates 81,5 g
thereof: sugar 45,8 g
polyols 35,7 g
Fat 0
thereof: saturated fatty acids 0
Dietary fibre 0
Sodium ≤ 0,003