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The name collagen stems from Greek »kólla« which means glue, and »gen« denoting »producing«. Collagen represents 30 % of all proteins in the human body, which makes it the most abundant protein. As much as 28 different types of collagen molecules can be found in our body. Collagen fibres are the main constituents of the extracellular matrix that functions as an anchor for the majority of tissue and provides structural support to the surrounding cells. Collagen can be found in skin, cartilage, bones, sinews, muscle tissue, as well as all connective tissues.

Collagen and its role in your body

Collagen is a substance that is naturally produced by the body. However, when we reach our thirties, the process of producing collagen in the body slows down, which causes the occurrence of wrinkles, dry and flabby skin, crinkly and torn nails, poor hair structure, loss in muscle mass and difficulty moving.

The importance of collagen for our body makes it a desired ingredient in cosmetics, as well as food supplements.

Collagen as a food supplement will fill in for your own collagen and ease the above mentioned symptoms

Hydrolysed collagen – for the best absorption of collagen in your body

Studies on the effectiveness and absorption of hydrolysed collagen have shown that hydrolysed collagen particles are well- absorbed, pass through the intestinal wall undamaged and as such enter the circulatory system and connective tissue (cartilage and skin).

​​​​​​​Hydrolysed collagen – for the best absorption of collagen in your body

Medex collagen line includes different patented forms of hydrolysed collagen, depending on the purpose of each product.

The most significant difference between the types of collagen is the size of collagen molecules, which determines where in the body the hydrolysed collagen will be stored.
Product Form Usage Purpose
Collagen Powder Powder Tin For strong hair and nails
Collagenlift Powder Tin For naturally beautiful skin
Collagenlift Powder Sollution Phials For naturally beautiful skin
Collagenbody Powder Tin For firm body and maintenance of muscle mass
Collagenflex Powder Tin Fot the ease of moving
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