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Acacia Honey

Honey with a tender fruity scent and light taste that soothes and reduces fatigue.

Brand name: Medex
Intended use: Immunity
Product shape: honey
Product packaging: 900 g jar
The product can be bought only in physical stores.

Raw acacia honey from Medex is honey of controlled quality. Acacia, with its aromatic white flowers, blooms in the beginning of May, which makes it the first bee pasture of the year. The honey colour differs from almost transparent through light yellow to light amber, and its taste allures with a gentle vanilla-like flavour. Due to its sweetness and light taste it is also named the “ladies” honey, and beloved among children as well. This sweetest natural treat tastes great as a spread and is unforgettable as a sweetener in coffee or tea.

You can eat acacia honey with a spoon on its own, use it as a bread spread or as a sweetener instead of sugar. Its mild taste makes it a perfect sweetener for coffee, tea, flakes, yogurt, fruit salads, or ice cream. Honey should not be added to liquid that is very hot, since its most important substances lose their healing properties at high temperatures.

Natural honey slowly crystallises, but heating it up to 40 °C liquifies it again and keeps all its natural properties and substances.

Store in a dark place with temperature below 25 °C.

Raw acacia honey.

Honey is a natural sweet gift, given to us by bees that make it from flower nectar (floral honey) or from insect secretions that remain on trees as sticky liquid (honeydew honey). Floral honey types are wildflower honey, acacia honey, chestnut honey, lime honey, and canola honey; honeydew honey types are forest honey, fir honey, maple honey, oak honey, and spruce honey. Bees process nectar or honeydew, enrich it with their gland secretions, and store it in the beehive to ripen. Honey is the source of solar energy and life fuel in the beehive. It contains valuable nutrients, and is a rich nourishment and cosmetic substance.