Aleša Mižigoj, General Manager

Aleša Mižigoj was born in a family that characterised our territory with the development of apitherapy and wide use of bee products. The knowledge and awareness of the usefulness of bees for our environment and health was already there since the very beginning; however, her aspiration for excellence and her desire for new knowledge after graduating from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana compelled her to forge her own path of entrepreneurship. In 2000, she continued her journey in the Medex family company as a sales director in the domestic and foreign market, and already at the end of 2011 she assumed the role of Chairwoman of the Board.

Aleša Mižigoj, CEO of Medex

Presence on over 30 world markets

Under her leadership, Medex became one of the leading European manufacturers of dietary supplements based on bee products and other natural components. With its products it is present on over thirty markets in Europe and around the world. Medex creates market niches, innovative shapes and ensures a constant development of products and brands, which is also proven by the numerous recognitions and awards it received.

It holds quality and safety certificates and continuously maintains the financial stability and profitability of business operations – this is confirmed by placing on the top 50 companies list of the credit agency Dun&Bradstreet and by receiving a high credit rating from Bisnode in the form of the AAA Gold Credit Rating Excellence certificate. Slovenian consumers have expressed their trust in the Medex brand by giving out various recognition awards and certificates, such as the titles Superbrand, Best Buy Award, QUDAL and Trusted brand.

Passion for our well-being

Under her leadership, Medex has received the title of most reputable employer in the food and gardening industry in Slovenia, which is awarded by the largest Slovenian employment portal – – for the second consecutive year.

She is realising her vision for the company, driven by her passion and commitment to our health and well-being, through the company's own development department, a high production capacity and a deep understanding of the end user. By taking into consideration the needs and wishes of users and the fast tempo of this industry, she orders the production of up to 30 new own products each year, which requires a closely connected and highly motivated team.  In addition to development, where she remains faithful to science, she particularly values knowledge and takes great care in developing employees and workplace relationships.  The care for fellow humans is ingrained in her work.

She collaborates with many experts and institutions around the world, shares and spreads her know-how and continuously improves herself. In cooperation with the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Primorska, Medex conducted its first clinical study, which confirmed the positive effects of royal jelly on people.  She is the first lady and driving force of the company, which is becoming increasingly more innovative, socially responsible and sustainability oriented. With great awareness of the importance of the wider engagement in the social environment she is connecting with domestic and foreign organisations which are committed to change the world for the better.   

Diverse operation of the company

In 2018, Medex started the project of developing beekeeping in Bangladesh with BRAC, the largest non-governmental organisation in the world, and the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, with the goal of improving the beekeeping practice and creating new employment opportunities, particularly for women. In 2020, she brought Medex to the second largest continent, where together with a local partner they began improving the beekeeping technology, establishing a more efficient supply chain and introducing a modern technology of producing honey in African Ghana.

By providing a financial backing to Slovenian professional and recreational sports, the company is realising its mission – a healthy spirit in a healthy body. Medex has thus become a supporter of the Slovenian alpine ski national team, biathlon in Pokljuka, the Rog Cycling Association, the Franja Cycling Marathon, the Ljubljana Marathon and many other smaller recreational events.

She is active in encouraging and supporting women to take more prominent roles in the business and social environment, and she is also active in the humanitarian and philanthropic area. Just like Medex, she is passing on her knowledge from generation to generation and is a mentor to young entrepreneurs. She is a member of the Beekeeping Council, of the Management Board of the Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises and of the Awarding Commission of the Manager Association. Since 2011 she has also been an honorary consul of Canada in Slovenia.