Who is Medex?

A pioneer of apitherapy and an ambassador of a bee-friendly world.

Medex is a pioneer in apitherapy and incredibly passionate to improve people’s lives with innovative food supplements based on bee products. Bees are our inspiration, they fascinate us, they are beautiful, and their importance to mankind is beyond measure. Every third spoonful of food is dependent on bees and pollinations. Respecting bees and understanding their importance for the environment also improves our lives.

Our products reveal the secrets of hard work of bees into a pure miracle of nature.  They are made to the highest quality standards, while having everyone’s health and well-being in mind – from children, working population to the elderly.

More than 65 years of tradition

We have been building a bond of respect and trust for over 65 years with the innovation, tradition, quality, and safety of our products. One of our main goals is an open and honest relationship not only with our consumers, but also with the wider environment in which we operate. 

The initiative of the World Bee Day came from our mother land – Slovenia, where people are very aware of bee’s incredible mission, so beekeeping has strong roots in Slovenian tradition and our company. We have always been the driving force behind the development and knowledge spreading in the field of beekeeping all around the world.

As a partner in the project “Development of beekeeping in Ghana” our common goal is to create new jobs, reduce poverty, and strengthen rural development. With this project, we are fulfilling our sustainable mission, which also means a better and friendlier world for all.

We are constantly pushing the frontier of apitherapy with a clear mission to upgrade the traditional use of bee products with clinically supported innovations to solve medical challenges of our times.