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Medex is one of the leading European food supplements manufacturers based on bees and other natural products. With its products, it is present in more than twenty markets in Europe and around the world. It creates market niches, innovative designs and takes care of the continuous development of products and brands.

Medex products are based on standardized and controlled contents of the main active ingredients, which ensures their continuous quality. The 60-year tradition combines with the secrets of unspoilt nature and carefully adapted recipes of our grandmothers adapts to the needs of a modern lifestyle.

Medex works with many experts and institutions all over the world, shares and disseminates its own knowledge and experience, and continuously educates and refreshes. He persistently follows the "healthy with nature" lead, knowledge, diligence and innovation. Medex always brings the right results and satisfied users.

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Medex is primarily a company where people work for people. Everything else follows. We stand firmly on our feet and work hard with the future in mind. Our products speak for themselves. They are made according to the highest quality standards and with the thought of the health and well-being of the whole family and every individual.

In Medex, we are healthy with nature. We own the map to health, wellness and vitality since 1954. You are welcome to join our journey.