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Hahne Corn Flakes


Crunchy corn flakes for a quality and delicious start to the day!

Key Facts
  • Incredibly crunchy.
  • Packed in a bag.
  • For breakfast or snack.

Hahne Corn Flakes are incredibly crunchy and delicious. Stored in a bag to preserve freshness and easy storage.


C. Hahne Mühlenwerke GmbH & co KG
Postfach 10 05 51
D-32505 Bad Oeynhausen

Corn, sugar, cooking salt, barley malt extract.


Nutritional valueper 100 g
Energy value1601 kJ/377 kcal
Protein7.2 g
Carbohydrates83.4 g
Fat1.0 g


The product may contain traces of peanut and hard-shelled fruits (walnuts), soy, and milk.

Hahne Corn Flakes are a great choice for young and old. They taste delicious with milk, in yogurt, with ricotta, or with fresh fruit.


Store in a cold, dry place.