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We are a young team full of energy. We share our passion for work and respect for nature and its treasures, as well as the eagerness to preserve tradition and enrich it with our knowledge and experience. We create new concepts and unite diverse ideas for common goals that are focused on the needs and benefits of every single customer. Our rich experience is coupled with continual education and training in Slovenia and abroad. Our motto is to provide our customers with quality and safe products, thus contributing to their well-being and quality of life.
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9 Reasons to Become a Part of the Medex Team

1. A Successful Company

We are a successful company with clear goals and development strategy. We uncover new niche markets, develop them and hold the position of an important player in the Slovenian market and abroad.

2. Tradition and Innovation

A 60-year-long tradition is united with priceless knowledge, so we can create unique products for different user groups. The secrets of unspoiled nature and carefully chosen recipes of our grandmothers are adjusted to the needs of modern lifestyle.

3. Values

Our values are an important part of our story; therefore nature, health, tradition, knowledge transfer among generations, care for family, friendship, trust and cooperation are of the utmost importance.

4. Clear Motto

Our motto is “Healthy with nature”. We respect nature and its treasures and it is at the same time our source of knowledge. Knowledge, hard work and innovation always bring us to our goal, to better results and to very satisfied customers.

5. International Environment

We are a part of an international business environment, and our employees have the opportunity to work abroad, which also contributes to their personal and professional development. Our products are serving customers in the former Yugoslavia, EU states and wider.

6. Knowledge and Proficiency

We are continuously investing in the education and professional training of our employees. We attend professional trainings in Slovenia and abroad, which make us the best in our field, so we can face the challenges of global competition individually, as a team, and as the entire company.

7. Improvement

We have established and maintained a work environment that strives for improvements. We encourage employees to come up with useful suggestions, proposals for improvement and new ideas; this is our way of doing better, more creative and more efficient work. We do our best to keep innovation on our agenda.

8. Friendly Relationships

Employees are an important part of positive organizational spirit. This spirit can be achieved with good relationships, respect, cooperation, and friendship. Positive climate at work contributes to creativeness; we are a connected team which is a result of company excursions, cultural and recreational events; such occasions give us the opportunity to celebrate every collective success.

9. Social Responsibility

Nature is for us of the utmost importance. Developing high quality processes, we care for the environment. Sponsorships and donations are our way to help those in need and athletes; we reward knowledge and scientific achievements, support projects for environmental protection, promote the importance of health and light up humanitarian lights.


Employees of Medex


Marjetka Pucelj

Export Sales Assistant, employed by Medex for more than 30 years

I started working at Medex as a business apprentice, and the company was already widely recognised at that time. My classmates at business school kept saying I was very lucky. And this is still true.


I have been gaining experience in almost all company departments; at the beginning in corporate services, later in retail, sales in domestic market, administration, purchasing department, also a little bit in the accounting department, and the last 20 years have been spent in the export sales department. I have met very different people – some left a significant mark in my life, some were only acquaintances.
When I decided it was time to raise a family and become independent, the company was very cooperative. I have three children that bring joy to my life – well, sometimes anger as well – and the company was always very understanding regarding family issues.


This company became my “second home”; at work, I was always striving for proficiency to contribute to the collective success. All these years have brought many changes; the workflow was modernised, new programs were introduced, numerous new products were developed, we gained international certificates, etc. However, our values have never changed and are still the same today.


Every morning, I say hello with a smile and cheer, so we can make a good and successful start to each new day. From time to time we also gather after working hours; this gives us the opportunity to form closer relations and better understand each other, which has beneficial effects to our work. To have good relationships with co-workers and superiors, to have access to important information and to know that you will always get help and support are a very good means of motivation.


I know I am only one tile of this beautiful mosaic, but together with other tiles we create new successful stories.


Jože Kos

Supervisor in the honey filling unit, employed by Medex for 30 years

At the time I decided to start working for Medex, I also had job opportunities from several other companies. However, I decided on Medex, because I could identify with the products they were producing at that time.


Many things have changed in 30 years; there were roaring times after Slovenia claimed independence, since we lost a large proportion of the market. Later on new production programs for food supplements were developed, and now we are following the demands of higher quality standards.


For me, Medex means security and stability; ever since I started working for Medex there was not a single delay in salary pay-out, no matter how bad the times were. Medex became a kind of “second home”, because the co-workers are not only my colleagues, but also my friends, and it is a pleasure to work here. This working environment is really comforting, and every morning I am eager to go to work. The pleasant atmosphere at work is very motivating, especially the collective desire for development and corporate vision to make healthy, natural, quality and safe products. In these tough financial times, it is also reassuring to have a permanent job and regular salary.


Anja Marinič

Professional consultant in the Development Department, employed by Medex since 2011

What encouraged me to take the opportunity to work for Medex was that it is a Slovenian company with a rich tradition, with knowledge and experience, close to people and with a clear view of the future, making natural products where a human being can only help nature heal our problems.


It is really priceless to be a part of this “bee colony” – of a stable and strong team of co-workers. Medex is a place of positive energy and motivation, where we achieve great results by encouraging each other in our professional way. In my field of work, the key to motivation is good personal relationships with co-workers, the ability to use and gain new knowledge and skills, independence and responsibility for your work, as well as interesting and diverse tasks; all these are abundant in Medex.


My personal motto: Where bees speak in our words :)


Viljem Janc

Maintenance worker, employed by Medex for 6 years

In the past, I had a job doing shift work, also on weekends, so I started looking for a new opportunity with more friendly working hours. The first interview with Medex made a very good impression on me, so it was not a hard decision to change jobs.


Here at Medex, I feel secure, I don’t have to worry about the salary, and there are very good connections among co-workers – we are friends and also gather after working hours. It is nice to work at Medex where “Oh no, I have to go to work again” never crosses my mind. The atmosphere at work is always positive, and this is very motivating. The entire team strives to reach our goals, which gives us stable employment and a regular salary.


Erika Razpet

Purchasing assistant, employed by Medex for 3 years

I started working at Medex as a student, and later on the opportunity for a regular job showed up; I liked my work, so I accepted the position.


Working at Medex has a positive influence on my life; it encourages me to live a healthy life in harmony with nature. My motivation is the pleasure in my work, and people who I work with.


Domen Jaklič

Development technologist, employed by Medex since November 2010

My connection to this company has its roots before my employment. After graduating from the Department of Biology, Biotechnical Faculty, I was offered the opportunity to enrol in postgraduate studies as an early stage researcher in industry. From the enrolment to the defence of my PhD thesis I was working part time at Medex and part time at Biotechnical Faculty. After finishing my postgraduate studies I was employed full-time by Medex.


The years at Medex were full of changes. The best change was the formation of a research group and the expansion of the control and research department. There are no successful, safe and good products without good foundations in development and manufacturing control. We are lucky to make products that are tightly connected with nature and bee products that have a long tradition in this part of Europe.


In the development department, we are eager to create new products and formulations from bee products, such as propolis, royal jelly and honey; although this field has been well researched, there are still new results on positive effects of bee products published in the scientific literature.
The company’s connection with natural bee products and determination to use natural and proven ingredients in other products as well are the reasons why I enjoy my work every single day. High team spirits and positive attitude of management to the work done in our department contribute to new ideas and challenges.


Mojca Zajc

Worker in the food supplements production unit, employed by Medex for 32 years

Health issues forced me to stop working in my primary profession, and the need for more workers at Medex showed up at the same time. I had known the company and believed I could work here, so I applied for the job.


When I started working at Medex, things were mostly done manually. But the company has always been oriented towards development, so most of the manual work was replaced with machine work, which is also easier for workers. We started producing new programs, food supplements, etc. There is always plenty of new natural products. The increasing quality of our products is proven through high quality standards that we follow.


There is a nice, even friendly atmosphere among co-workers; spending a lot of our time at work, I find this very important, and I always come to work in a good mood. Medex is in a way my “second home”. The working environment is very positive, the friendly atmosphere is highly motivating, and there is always someone who would listen to our problems. What is also motivating is the wish of all employees for improvements, the vision to produce high-quality, natural, and safe products. And last but not least, the feeling that my employment is stable, that the salary comes in regularly even in the financial crisis, and that the company is making good business is highly motivating.

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