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Can you imagine a land full of outstanding natural gifts, but with no bees? One single bee may not make a change, but entire bee colonies have been a priceless power of life for more than 45 million years, turning golden sun rays, blooming meadows and diverse forest plants into treasures, carefully storing them in their beehives for our delight.


Since 1954


At Medex, established in 1954, we have always appreciated the hardworking bees, and kept and enriched the beekeepers tradition of collecting bee products and other gifts of nature. We are proud to be able to work with more than 2000 Slovenian beekeepers, and to deliver their produce to your home in their natural and safe form.


Tradition and Quality


Tradition is our source of inspiration. We have refined it with high production standards, proven ingredient quality, innovation, and knowledge; all of these contribute to the quality of our carefully developed products. Our products will reveal the secrets of turning the hard work of bees and other natural produce into a pure miracle of nature.


We are always open to friendship, care of nature and well-being; we encourage knowledge distribution among generations, and highly value family, cooperation and trust. Following our motto “Healthy with nature”, which can also be reflected in our products, we have gained our partners’ and customers’ trust.


Today, Medex is one of the leading European producers of food supplements based on bee products and other natural products. Business process excellence, continual improvement of existing and new products, care for health and well-being of our customers, and adherence to current global guidelines place Medex among reliable producers of natural products, focused on the benefits of each individual customer.




Our products can be found on the shelves in more than 20 European countries and worldwide. They are based on standardised and controlled content of the main substances, thus providing constant quality. We have made connections with many institutions and professionals around the world, sharing and expanding our knowledge and experience, and providing continual education and training. We create new market niches and innovative products, and continually develop our products, product groups and Medex trademark.


We are delighted to have gained your trust and to see you as a part of the Medex success story, sharing with us a piece of unspoiled nature.


Our Products



medex-med“If I didn’t eat honey, I would die 40 years earlier,” said the famous Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. Honey is not considered a medicine; nevertheless, it has a special place in our diet. Medex offers a wide variety of honey. From floral and honeydew honey types used in everyday diet, to culinary specialties and selected gift editions. No matter which option you choose, you will always be treated with the best that nature can offer.

Food and Beverages

medex-hranaAlways choose the best for yourself and enjoy our high-quality products. Select from crunchy biscuits with different flavours, delicious bonbons, refreshing aloe vera drinks, carefully prepared fruit spreads and syrups, corn flakes, and other premium products to create a wholesome breakfast, tasty lunch or snack.

Food Supplements

medex-dopolnilaMake your day with food supplements of proven quality. Based on bee products or other natural substances, food supplements from Medex unite traditional recipes, experience with nature, and knowledge that we are continuously expanding. When developing food supplements, we always keep in mind your wishes and needs, as well as modern lifestyle, and provide products that are easy and safe to use.


medex-kozmetikaYou must have heard the saying: »The secret of her beauty lies in …«. At Medex, we nourish beauty from the inside, thus keeping it on the outside. Beauty products designed in harmony with nature are developed for different skin types, for regeneration and use on sensitive skin. The unpleasant feeling on your face and body will be a matter of past, even after shaving and depilation or sunbathing. Our beauty products are developed especially for you.


Our Principles



img_vredOur values are all-natural, knowledge, experience, innovation, tradition, Slovenian.


medex-vizijaOur vision is to be one of the leading players in the field of development, production, and marketing of natural and high quality food supplements in Europe.


medex-poslanstvoBy offering natural, quality and safe products, we are contributing to a healthier and quality life for our customers.

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